Romania & Eastern Europe Tours

Eastern Europe is a part surprisingly unique and charged with mysticism and unexplored stories. Visiting the fascinating small cities or capitals found throughout this region, you’ll be overwhelmed by their authencity. Places like Sighisoara, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Ljubljana are full legends and traditions that make you feel like inside an old story.

Unique culture and habits, authentic people that will conquer your heart and within seconds they will treat you like family, a great mix of the modern and ancient, insane experiences, the greatest wine, an inspiring history as yet little known for the tourists – these factors make the Eastern Europe tour, especially interesting and unforgettable.

Enjoy a private dinner cruise on the Danube River in Budapest or take a tour of the most interesting old castles and churches in Carpathian Mountains. Do all the things you wish. As for the one day tours, our custom services give you complete flexibility to see Romania and Eastern Europe on your own terms with a one of a kind custom itinerary as we realize that a good holiday plan need to be flexible and no two groups are exactly alike.