One Day Trips

If you wish to discover new overwhelming places or you’re simply ready for a new adventure, but you don’t have enough time or you love short holidays, a one day trip may be the perfect solution for you. The only inconvenient is that it will pass quickly.

Always investing in people, we trained our tour guides to support you with any information you may need. Our team has created special visiting programs, guiding you to the must-see locations. Either you prefer to enjoy the freedom to explore magic places together with best friends or family, either you’re more excited about shared trips, you’ll be rewarded with memories to last a lifetime.

A one day trip is one of the most profitable ways to visit in a short time the most fascinating and historic cities found throughout Romania. Well-known for its mysterious legends and the secret castles, churches and fortress you’ll see nowhere else, Carpathian Mountains are full of unimaginable unexplored legendary places. Traveling through unknown routes to Brasov or Sibiu may be the opportunity not only to see breathtaking sights, but also a very complex historical and cultural diversity encoded in places like The Biertan Fortress or the Corvin Castle.

Being the land of diversity and contrasts, Romania is one of the places difficult to know very well. That’s why best experiences and memorable stories you’ll only get together with people born in these places. It’s a good reason to be either very informed before you’re planning the route either to call a tourism agency.