Bucharest City Tours & Surroundings

If you’re still not sure if you should visit Bucharest, the only answer is yes. Surprising most of the tourists coming here for the first time, the capital of Romania is a city that passed by a lot of transformations within the last 20 years. Keeping together the most part of the communism monuments, a lot of fascinating palaces dating back to the 19th century, but also the modern buildings, Bucharest take the benefits of diversity, showing the complexity of its history of the city, being always fascinating and never ever boring.

If you ask people who are born in Bucharest how they feel traveling to other European capital, they will tell you every other city is too calm and quiet, bare of night life. There is a shock for anyone traveling to one German city to see all the shops and restaurants closed at 8 or 10 pm.

Full of gardens and parks, hosting a lot of coffee shops, rich with architectural monuments like Athenee Palace Hotel, Kretulescu Church, George Enescu Museum, The Military Club or the delightful Village Museum, Bucharest is the city where you always have something to do. Even if sometimes it takes some effort to find its beauty, you’ll be surprised by the hidden Stavropoleos Church or by the huge abandoned fortifications around the city. At the end, you’ll found yourself regretting not giving more time to the city to enjoy it even more.